Who Is Charlie Blacker?
Charlie Blacker

Charlie Blacker is a South Australian photographer from the coastal town of Port Lincoln, on the Eyre Peninsula. His upbringing on the isolated beaches of South Australia prepared him for a lifetime of being on and in the ocean. Charlie’s infatuation with the ocean is obvious, especially in his images.

“My obsession with the ocean is endless, all of my favourite things to do involve the sea; surfing, free diving, fishing and of course seascape photography”

His experience with the ocean reflects directly into his ever growing portfolio of high quality coastal images. Using high quality camera equipment ensures that Charlie’s images hold their quality when printed large. Charlie’s talent behind the lens stems from his appreciation for nature and the environment. His many travels around Australia and the world have impacted his views.

“The experience I  have gained while on the road has helped me develop a lot of appreciation for nature, I definitely have an enormous respect for the environment”

Charlie hopes to continue capturing inspiring seascape images that encourage people to protect the environment, promote environmental conservation and to appreciate the natural world that we live in.